QHHT® Montréal Lakblen



The Pre-session

 We meet to discuss relevant elements susceptible to arise during the session, such as present or past physical or emotional problems. Before the appointment, it is essential to reflect on the questions that will be addressed to the Subconscious, between ten to twenty-five, to maximise the value of the experience. It is a pleasant conversation conducted in a confidential and non-judgemental, relaxed environment. It is essential to allow the necessary time to complete this task, which in most cases is between two and five hours, to ensure the best possible result.

The Session

We access the activity of the right brain through the hypnotic induction, a delightful process of relaxation. The first part of the journey then begins, which can significantly differ from person to person, but which will always be the most appropriate framework for the Subconscious to contribute healing and growth to the life of the individual.

Contacting the Subconscious comes next. We will ask the questions intended for the session and will have the privilege to sense the wisdom, love and protection emanating from that fascinating energy. After having obtained the Subconscious’ permission, a body scan will follow which could detect imbalances in the physical body, if appropriate. It is important to note that although healing may occur in a QHHT session, it will always come through the person's Subconscious and not through myself as a practitioner.

The approximate length of this segment will be of approximately two to three hours.


The Post-session

We terminate the trance state and, once back into everyday consciousness, will discuss the session for some time. It is then advisable to go home, eat something and have a quiet evening to integrate the experience.

The recording of the session is then sent to the client. Listening to it will add to the experience, as the message conveyed by the Subconscious is often multi-layered and rich in depth. It is not advisable to listen to the recording while driving or operating machinery since one could re-enter the trance state by doing so.